We are on a mission to radically fund the Kingdom of God — through entrepreneurship.

Not everyone will step foot into a church, but everyone will interact with a business. It's time to use what we've got to get what we want: more souls for the Kingdom.

God is raising up Kingdom financiers with a heart for serious impact.

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It's Morning Assembly.

Get ready to move. 

We believe that more cashflow means more impact. Our mission is to help you earn more so that you can radically fund the Kingdom of God. 

We teach you how to grow what you earn, diversify your income, build a wealthy life, cultivate a heart for giving, increase your cashflow and earn a ½ million dollars each year (or more) — without a personal brand and with God.  

If you're ready to partner with God in business, you are invited to join Morning Assembly, an online community of believers who want to grow their wealth for Kingdom impact.

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Explore the Bible
through travel.

Discover ancient olive groves and biblical concepts concerning grain, olive oil and communal harvesting in Portugal, or explore cinnamon (an ingredient used in anointing oil) and the Solomonic trade route in Sri Lanka.

Gloryroadé experiences are designed to challenge & encourage you in your walk with God, presenting the timeless wisdom of scripture within the cultural context of centuries past.  

We've limited our experiences to 16 people, because we want you to feel like you're traveling with close friends, not a football team. A minister of the gospel & photographer accompanies us on each trip.

Apostle Paul traveled in small groups, and we believe that with a balance of meaning and simplicity, small groups can be as transformative as traveling alone. 

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Meet God with
your work.

Work and worship. Work as worship. Work is worship.

Work & Worship is a virtual cafe for Christian creatives and entrepreneurs. We bring the worship music, you bring your work. 

Anticipate an atmosphere shifting work day where you shift from the hustle mindset and lean into restful, spontaneous and radical worship.

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Morning Assembly is our online membership for Christian entrepreneurs and creatives. As a member, you’ll have unlimited access to our programs + a vibrant community.


A Biblical travel experience unlike anything you've ever experienced. It's time to get back to missional, meaningful, sabbatical, worshipful and communal travel.